Memorial Day Is A Month Away – Will You Be Ready?

Ready for Memorial Day?The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is generally seen as a kick-off for a shopping season that doesn’t end until kids go back to school. Well seasoned shop owners may have already figured out how to juggle the stock in their stores to maintain maximum profitability throughout the year. Despite an extended winter season for 2014, summer is just around the corner. Even with such a short lead for such a critical buying time, companies can find ways to make more sales and cut costs.

For clothing stores, the switch from long-sleeved shirts to beach and swimwear is a natural progression, but not all offerings are strictly driven by weather. Assuming that your products and services are purchased year-round, the key to taking advantage of summer selling may be to think outside of the box, or even outside of the store itself. On-site services, pop-up stores, and mobile locations may be a way to bring your wares to the masses. Generating interest in your customer base, through old fashioned communication as well as social media outreach, is a great way to spur sales from loyal clients.

From a pure service standpoint, there are all kinds of ways to drum up business. Veterinarians, for example, can offer specials on check-ups, vaccinations, and even boarding for pets when their owners take off for a few days out of town. Flooring and tile stores can remind interested clients that the perfect time to install a floor is when most members of the household are out-of doors.  For home furnishings, where there always seems to be one sale or another, lawn furniture is a sure bet but often the sale can be bundled with matching interior tables, chairs, and couches.

In some cases, summer is the season when things just aren’t happening. For example, in college towns apartments may be vacant from May until August. For contractors, this offers an opportunity to approach landlords in order to remediate some of the wear-and-tear experienced during the school year. For landlords, vacant homes and apartments can often be rented out on a weekly basis for summer visitors to the campus or town. Many college bulletins and newsletters will even advertise available rooms on your behalf if they are bringing in visitors for special events. Similarly, if conventions or trade shows will be utilizing university facilities, you have opportunities to attract tenants who don’t want to pay high hotel rates.

At CPN, we have a number of ways to help businesses take advantage of summer sales, whether they have a seasonal selling strategy or not. With a diverse array of services including wireless credit card terminals, next-generation payment gateways, and instant check verification, we make it easier for your customers to pay. In combination with lower card processing fees and lower merchant services costs, your store can be more profitable during any time of the year.

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