Our Customers

Our Customers Make this all Worthwhile

With all the technological mumbo jumbo behind the credit card processing business, CPN never forgets that we are really in the people business. We work hard to make sure that one on one connection is never lost. And when we hear that our efforts have paid off in making a customer’s life easier, well, that’s the icing on the cake.

CPN Customer Success Stories

CPN Customer Success Story Bakery


A bakery was unhappy with their big bank “service.” The bank simply wouldn’t respond to the owner’s concerns and questions in a timely manner. CPN rose to the occasion with a prompt proposal and better hardware reader solution.

The baker said, “Thought I’d give you some feedback/update on the switch over and service from my old service provider, a big bank in town. Feel free to share this with your potential new clients. The switch over to CPN was seamless. I was up and running within 20 minutes of receiving the hardware. The technical support team was great and even did some custom configuration with me while on the phone. The only time I’ve had to call them since the install the wait time was short and they fixed the problem within seconds. In our first full month, we’ve saved .5% in our fees-it may not sound like much but it really adds up!”

CPN Customer Success Story Veterinary Hospital Atlanta

Veterinary Hospital in Atlanta

A well-established animal hospital was processing in excess of 1.5 million dollars in annual credit card transactions with their local bank, was seeking to find a lower-priced credit card processing solution.

The veterinarian was using a proprietary terminal which limited their payment platform options and repair service providers. CPN was successful in immediately reducing the company’s existing bankcard costs by .68% over their previous rates. Switching to us realized true savings of nearly $1,000.00 each month – or $12,000.00 of savings every year!

This merchant was especially pleased that we were able to offer substantial savings while upgrading their credit card processing equipment. The new device allowed the veterinarian to qualify transactions at a lower cost, capture PIN data for debit cards, and accept EMV smart chip cards as soon as they are issued. CPN reduced the length of merchant statements from twelve unwieldy pages to a concise 4 page format.

CPN Customer Success Story One Merchant Two Stores

One merchant. Two stores.

A merchant had two retail stores connected by a hallway, but only one terminal and no PIN pads for each store, so employees had to constantly walk to other store to process a transaction. The challenges were to install the right hardware and software solution for the merchant and train both stores to enable payments in face-to-face environments as well as take telephone/internet orders.

CPN provided an in-depth analysis of current processing solutions which provided a correct pricing structure for the merchant. Additionally, we implemented 2 different pricing structures, one for face-to-face transactions and one for telephone/internet orders. We then set the merchant up with Next Day Funding, consolidated AMEX payments (through the AMEX One-Point program), and provided 2 credit card terminals and 2 pin-pads for face-to-face transactions. Finally, we gave them an Internet gateway solution for telephone/internet orders, and provided the merchant a Lifetime Guarantee on new equipment.

The results saved the merchant an average of $480 per month and increased daily cash flow by $2500.

CPN Customer Success Story Ferrari and Lamborghini Parts Seller

Ferrari and Lamborghini Part Seller

An automotive parts supplier requested a proposal in 2008. At the time, the company was using a national bank to process all of their credit card transactions. The company went with a CPN competitor instead and cancelled with their national bank.

Three years later, a CPN Account Executive revisited with the auto supplier again to issue another proposal. Upon a rate review, the merchant’s processing fees and rates were almost 1-percent higher than with their old bank! The “switch” cost the merchant about $18,000.00 more over the 3 year period compared to never switching at all.

The merchant commenced a new account with CPN and is elated with our fees and service. An email from customer stated, “Just wanted to let you know that we have received our September processing statement and the bundled rate looks very good and is in line with the original quote.”

CPN Customer Success Story Scottsdale Jewelry Store

New Store Opening

An Old Town Scottsdale client selling jewelry and gifts was expanding and opening up a second location. A new store was added to capture more foot traffic to increase sales.

A credit card machine needed to be ready within 48 hours of receiving keys to their new store. An employee drove to merchant’s location and completed a new merchant application in 10 minutes. The contract was submitted to underwriting for approval and the merchant was approved in one hour.

The next morning, the terminal file software was ready to be downloaded into a new dual communication terminal that functions on both the telephone line and internet connection. The technician downloaded the terminal in less than 15 minutes for the happy client for a start-to-finish one-day turnaround.