We’re serious about security.


Our best-in-class compliance solutions help you achieve compliance and protect both your business and your customers from fraud.

You and your customers are safe
and sound through complete compliance.



PCI compliance is achieved by adhering to rigorous security standards and credit card information handling “best practices.” (PCI-DSS)

Created by Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover, it’s the best way to protect against today’s epidemic level of credit card fraud.


TIN Validation


Avoid a 28% backup withholding penalty. CPN works closely with your business to assure compliance with IRS Section 6050W.

We deliver all the reporting your company needs to comply with new IRS mandates. Other processors may not have this capability. Why risk it?


TIN Matching


A new tax reporting requirement directed at payment processors and acquiring banks may pose compliance difficulties for some companies, as well as economic damages to merchants and processors. Not so at CPN.

Our fast, effective and reliable method ensures valid tax identification numbers (TINs) and business name reporting for each and every account. The best policy is doing it right the first time. And we do.



PIN pads are a great way to secure transactions and save money. Debit card transactions accompanied by a Personal Identification Number cost significantly less than a transaction run as “credit” on your terminal. Our PIN Pads utilize “Triple DES” Encryption and other standards to ensure that your customer’s data is protected before it even gets to your terminal or POS system. All of the PIN Pads we use are PCI-PED compliant.

TransArmor Fraud Protection.

Payment card account numbers are prime targets for cyber-criminals. The consequences of a data breach means monetary losses due to fraud, potential fines, and lost revenue resulting in damage to your brand.

TransArmor has already been proven effective through millions of transactions. Using an industry-unique combination of encryption technology and tokenization, it requires no additional hardware to protect sensitive payment card data.