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You may carry Visa Blink, MasterCard Paypass, and American Express ExpressPay credit card and debit cards in your wallet. Chances are your clients do, too. That’s why you need to be up to speed with super-fast payment transactions. If your credit card processing account handles average sales of less than $500, adding a contactless reader could attract more customers. Remember, convenience is king.

Apple Pay is here!

Apple is spearheading the mobile wallet movement with the introduction of Apple Pay! Offering contactless card and Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile phone payments will bring in customers who appreciate shorter lines, not having to pay with cash, and convenient “tap and go” payment options. Our technical support team is competent in installing and training your staff in using contactless equipment. Customers get through the line 53% faster with contactless than with magstripe transactions and 63% faster than cash.


  • The card/mobile wallet never leaves the customer’s hand
  • The contactless card or mobile wallet never transmits the customer’s card number
  • The contactless cards use highly secure data transmission standards
  • Merchants retain full chargeback protection for transactions that meet the program requirements

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