Credit Card Processing FAQs

Credit Card Processing FAQs

What Makes CPN Different?

CPN has built a portfolio of customers who have a lower risk of credit card fraud and chargebacks. As a result, we are able to offer premium merchant services to small and medium sized businesses at a lower cost. Unlike other processors, CPN requires customers to qualify for membership in its portfolio.

How Much Can I Save?

Because pricing on credit card transactions varies by the type of card used and the way the card is presented, we customize your savings based on your most common transaction types. For example, the plan we would offer to a mail-order company would be different than one for a retail store. Our objective is to show you real savings compared to your current processor.

What’s Your Lowest Rate?

Rates are often used by processors as a teaser to sign up customers. What most companies won’t tell you is that those may apply to transactions that aren’t common to your business. If a company presents you with an ultra-low rate, you may not be seeing hidden fees or additional markups. CPN offers customized rates on the type of transactions you see on a daily basis.

Can You Come To My Business?

We have in-person representatives around the nation, and also have nationwide telephone-based service through our agents based in Phoenix, Arizona. With either approach, CPN offers 24-7 customer service and troubleshooting help.

Do You Have Next Day Funding?

CPN has next-day funding through sources like the AMEX OnePoint program. This allows for better cash flow and beats the 3-5 day wait time through other processors.

Do You Service Online Shopping Carts?

Yes, we have programs for online card acceptance, virtual terminals, and payment gateways.

Why Should I Get A PIN Pad?

If you accept debit cards, a PIN Pad can slash the cost of processing. When customers enter PIN numbers, debit card transactions process for far less than the “credit” rate, and you may save thousands of dollars per year.

Why Are Swiped Transactions Cheaper?

Transactions that are swiped through a credit card terminal are considered “present” and less likely to be fraudulent. You may save 1% or more on each transaction by using a terminal, which is why many contractors use portable credit card terminals to take payments for expensive on-site work.

Are You Compatible With My POS System?

We are compatible with most POS systems on the market today, including top brands like Aloha, Micros, Eagle POS, Diamond Touch, and dozens of other systems. Most systems that are not proprietary to a processor can be switched to CPN.

Why Do You Want To See A Merchant Statement?

In order to provide you with the best merchant services quote, we want to verify that you don’t have excessive chargebacks, and see what card types you commonly accept. When our bank card experts examine your statements, we can show you areas where you are overpaying, and give you an apples-to-apples comparison of what you would have paid with CPN.

What Does The Equipment For Life Program Cover?

If you lease credit card terminals through us, we will provide replacement equipment should your machine break or become obsolete. Additionally we provide 24 hour support from US-based technicians.

What Is A Low Risk Portfolio? Why Is It Cheaper?

Our Low Risk Portfolio consists of all of our credit card processing customers, who have qualified for lower rates because they have fewer chargebacks and less credit card fraud. CPN is able to leverage this portfolio to get better wholesale rates on processing services.

I Have Chargebacks On My Statement. Do I Qualify?

Any business can get chargebacks or experience credit card fraud. At CPN, we will consider the number of chargebacks based on your processing volume and business type to see if you qualify for lower rates.

Why Do You Lease Terminals?

Leasing allows us to support the terminal throughout the life of your business. We lease terminals at a fixed price, unlike companies that offer “free” terminals and bury the cost of the machine in the form of higher rates and fees. When we quote customers, we outline all of the associated costs, including the lease, to demonstrate a real cost savings. Additionally, leased terminals may offer tax advantages.

Can I Just Buy A Credit Card Terminal?

If you need to purchase the terminal outright as part of your credit card processing contract, we may be able to sell you one. Note that a purchased terminal may not get the same free tech support, guaranteed free replacement, protection against obsolescence, and tax advantages as one leased under our Equipment for Life program.

What Makes You Better Than Smartphone Apps Like Square or PayAnywhere?

Square and PayAnywhere have fixed processing rates that are typically much higher than an average rate paid by our merchant account holders. Amateur-friendly smartphone plug-ins work well for bake sales, flea market tables, and hobby-based companies. For more professional-grade credit card processing, you will save money with a CPN merchant account. Our service also allows you to take smartcards, accept checks, and integrate with POS systems for substantial cost savings.