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CPN offers a wide variety of credit card machines, including traditional countertop models, wireless terminals, and portable systems for merchants on the go. We even have smartphone-
based systems.

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  • What is a Payment Gateway?

    For many businesses, a payment gateway is an essential part of the credit card transaction process. Online stores, telesales centers, and small businesses use gateways to process payments. But what is a payment gateway? As the name implies, payment gateways serve as portals between your company and financial institutions. They protect credit card information though data encryption and pass it securely to the payment processor. In online transactions, the gateway also may serve part of the secure channel between your site and the customer’s computer.

    CPN offers competitive card processing rates for merchants whether they have existing payment gateways or are adding merchant account features to their online stores or call centers.

    Advantages of Payment Gateway Services

    CPN offers a variety of secure payment gateway features that may be useful to merchants. Virtual Terminal software can transform any internet connected computer into a POS terminal with the option to swipe credit cards using a USB card swiper. Automated billing and subscription features provide for recurring transactions. Check acceptance and processing tools allow for online and over-the-phone payment acceptance from customers who may not have debit or credit cards.

    Aside from cost, security is one of the biggest features of CPN’s payment gateway solutions. With advanced fraud detection, AVS, and IP restriction protocols, you can cut costs, reduce your exposure to chargebacks, and protect your profits. You also get PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing features to keep credit card information secure without storing physical card numbers on your systems.

    E-Commerce Payment Gateways

    Businesses with online shopping carts may be using payment gateways that were originally set up by a website design company or e-commerce cart provider. CPN may be able to reduce the transaction fees associated with your current payment gateway, which means that you can keep more money with every online sale. You would still enjoy the same (or better) secure encryption, transaction processing, and fraud prevention features but with lower processing rates. Security seals, like the Verified Merchant Seal, also build consumer confidence and increase conversions by reducing cart abandonment.

    CPN can link to over 100 certified e-commerce carts and software products, allowing you to accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and electronic checks.

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